PIP Wage Benefits

1) The traffic crash left me unable to work. What should I do?

If you cannot work because of your accident injuries, see your primary care physician immediately to request a release from work for at least two weeks. Two weeks is the threshold for Oregon’s PIP wage loss benefits.

TIP: To get the PIP wage loss benefits started, obtain a signed, written work release from your doctor. Also, get written verification salary at time of loss. Fax both documents to the insurer providing PIP benefits requesting it pay PIP wage loss benefits.

TIP: Whenever you communicate with your PIP carrier include the claim number. Do not communicate with the insurer for the party at fault without first consulting with a lawyer.

2) How much is the Oregon PIP wage loss benefit?

The PIP wage loss benefit equals 70% of the lost income during disability until the injured person is able to return to usual employment. The benefit cap is $3,000 per month for an aggregate of 52 weeks. See, ORS 742.524.

TIP: Keep wage loss information to support your claim against the insurer at fault for remaining 30% lost wage (or more).