1) I was hit by a Tri-met bus or light rail vehicle. How are claims against Tri- met different?

A special notice must be sent within 180 days of the injury event when the claim is against Tri – Met. See, ORS 30.275. If a family member was killed, you may have up to a year. ORS 30.275 is known as Oregon’s Tort Claim Notice Act which is designed to give public entities advance notice of a lawsuit and make it more difficult for injured persons to sue public bodies. ORS 30.275 has very specific requirements so be sure its exact requirements are complied with including a description of the time, place and circumstances of the accident, the injury and contact information for all involved. Generally speaking the notice should give the public entity enough information to conduct an investigation.

The Oregon Tort Claim Notice Act also applies to car accident injury claims against the police, fire fighters teachers and other public servants who injure third parties while on the job. Claims subject to the Oregon Tort Claim Act are capped. These caps adjust with time. To see the current caps go to: