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Auto Injuries

A. Assess the accident scene and get safe.

Don’t stay in an area where you could be hurt! Other cars, leaking gas, and angry drivers are all potential hazards. Be aware and use common sense to protect yourself and those around you. Notice your injuries and injuries of other. Address injuries or get help if injuries are severe.

B. Get professional medical attention right away.

• Do not delay (not all injuries are obvious).

• Report all symptoms.

• Make all appointments.

• Follow doctor’s orders.

• Call Richard Rizk if you need a medical or chiropractic referral.

C. File an accident and insurance report form with Oregon DMV within 72 hours if:

• Damage to the vehicle you were driving is over $1,500, or

• Damage to any vehicle is over $1,500 and any vehicle is towed from the scene as a result of damages from the accident, or

• Injury or death resulted from this accident, or

• Damages to any one person’s property other than a vehicle involved in this accident is over $1,5000.
• Get an Oregon Traffic Accident Form.

D. Investigate at the scene by:

• Taking photos of the accident scene
• Taking photos of injuries
• Taking photos of vehicles involved
• Getting names and contact information of all witnesses
• Writing down a description of events preceding and following the car accident

F. Hire an attorney with insurance experience

Few attorneys know how insurance companies value claims, and fewer attorney know how to read an insurance policy. Richard Rizk worked for Nationwide Insurance for a decade and with Oregon’s largest insurance law firms. He has worked closely with those at the highest levels of the insurance business. Now he represents individuals with insurance claims. Let his knowledge of the other side help maximize your claim.

A. Give a recorded statement to the other insurance company without first seeking legal advice from a qualified attorney

The business of insurance companies is to pay as little as possible for reach claim. While an insurance company has a right to investigate losses, claims examiners are trained to ask threshold questions that will limit or bar your claim without you even realizing it . Richard Rizk was trained by insurance companies and their law firms, and he is aware of common traps. Call him before calling the other insurance company.

B. Try to settle your claim before you know your damages

Insurance companies know that claims generally get more expensive with time, so they offer small dollars right away to limit their exposure. Your claim is not a race. Wait until you know the extent of your injuries before discussing settlement. Otherwise you risk settling short. Richard Rizk will help you maximize your claim in as little time as possible. Call him at 503-245-5677 or email him at rich@rizklaw.com today.